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Products can be returned in 30 days after receiving them. This does not apply to farm-fresh, dry rawtoothbrush, rawtoothbrush handle, and “dental floss starter pack” as we are unable to determine if they were opened/contaminated by anything at your side. Vacuum sealed rawtoothbrushes are accepted if they are still in the seal, and the seal is not broken.

If you are returning the order in the 30-day return, you are not eligible for a shipping refund. If you are returning only part of the order, you are not eligible for a shipping refund.



It is a root of the Salvadora Persica tree, also known as the Toothbrush tree, which contains essential oils with a wide range of medicinal effects. It is this oil that replaces conventional toothpaste and therefore is a natural toothbrush and toothpaste in one.

 You can use it wherever you are, as it is not necessary to be in the bathroom.

Nature always knows what is best for us and brings us customized solutions.

The natural RAWTOOTHBRUS is a comprehensive package of living substances that our body can recognize and fully utilize. Each of the substances contained in the RAWTOOTHBRUSH plays an important role, and their natural mutual interconnection triggers the remineralization and healing processes in our mouths.


What do dentists say about using the rawtoothbrush?

Feedback from dental hygienists and dentists is very positive. It confirms that, compared to conventional toothbrushes, the rawtoothbrush removes plaque more effectively.

A testimonial from one of our regular customers:

I just wanted to share how happy I am right now. 🙂 … I’ve just returned from my dentist, who praised me for doing a really good job on my dental care. She told me she knows the teeth condition and problems I had before, but that it got much better. She continued that my gums stopped bleeding, no new caries have developed (before, my dentist used to find caries on every appointment), and that I brush my teeth perfectly… So I told her that I brush my teeth Salvadora persica and sometimes also with natural toothpaste by Alnatura, which was not tested on animals, and my dentist told me that’s the best I can do for my teeth. She basically took my breath away by not scolding me… 🙂 so even dentists can be reasonable …


How long does the RAWTOOTHBRUSH last?

We recommend you to use the bristles only one time, as this is the only way to have the most benefit from the rawtoothbrush.

One twig of the rawtoothbrush root is 14cm long. Using it as is will yield ~30 fresh bristles(uses). Using it in the handle will give you ~ 14 fresh bristle heads.


How do I use the RAWTOOTHBRUSH?

We provide the in-depth how-to on each package of rawtoothbrushes we sell either on our online store or in brick and mortar stores.

The manual differs if you are using dry, vacuum sealed of farm-fresh rawtoothbrush and also varies if you use it with the handle or without.

In short, you chew it for about 30-60 seconds, and it splits brushlike. Then you use these bristles to brush your teeth. It is straightforward and convenient. While chewing the rawtoothbrush releases its essential oils, and you also work on your facial muscles.


Is RAWTOOTHBRUSH suitable for animals?

Yes, it is. Animals benefit from medicinal effects and natural bristles of the rawtoothbrush as well as humans. Dogs love them so much; they will go on to steal them from you. So be aware.


Is the natural RAW TOOTHBRUSH suitable for children?

Yes, it is. The farm-fresh rawtoothbrush can be a bit too spicy for kids, but just let them try a little bit and see how they feel about it. Kids under six should be using rawtoothbrush only under the supervision of an adult. It is also essential to show kids exactly how to use the rawtoothbrush and stress not to press too much.


Is the RAWTOOTHBRUSH suitable for pregnant women?

First, try the rawtoothbrush by chewing it a little and see how you feel about it. If you get the spiciest farm-fresh ones, you could feel nauseated. Get the dry or vacuum fresh ones instead. The brush is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Is the RAWTOOTHBRUSH suitable for teeth with permanent braces?

Unfortunately not. It is not recommended to use the rawtoothbrush in case you are wearing permanent braces. However, it is excellent for polishing your teeth and cleaning the leftover adhesive after removing the braces.

How should I store the rawtoothbrush after brushing my teeth with it?

Borosilicate glass case is included in the rawtoothbrush starter pack. You should store your weekly dose of the rawtoothbrush in it. You can also take it with you on your travels.

Storage instructions differ by the quality of the rawtoothbrush you get (either dry, vacuum-sealed, or farm-fresh) and if you use it with the rawtoothbrush handle or not. Storage instructions are included on the packaging of every rawtoothbrush starter pack and rawtoothbrush refills we sell either online or in brick and mortar stores.


My rawtoothbrush is dry; what should I do?

When you forget your rawtoothbrush outside the case for a longer time, you will find it very dry. No worries, just put it in water as you would put the dry one for up to 8 hours. Then use it as you would.

It is better not to let thy rawtoothbrush dry, as each soaking washes out some of the good essential oils, minerals, vitamins, etc.


How long is the RAWTOOTHBRUSH shelf life?

Dry rawtoothbrush is dry and, if kept in a safe space, should last years. But we recommend not to store it for longer than one year.

Vacuum sealed rawtoothbrush should be stored under 25 degrees Celsius temperature without sunshine. This way last in good condition for six months. For storing up to 1-year use the fridge. For storing up to 2 years, use a freezer.

Farm fresh rawtoothbrush should be stored in the freezer and will have good conditions for one year of storage.

1.Are your Yoni eggs certified?

Yes, we pride ourselves on quality, and therefore we have eggs certified here in the Czech Republic by the Czech Gemological Society.


2. Why do our yoni eggs have a hole?

We want even the most delicate women to feel confident and have the opportunity to relax in the exercise, abandon all fear. The hole serves as a safe space for you to lean on if you are afraid to introduce the egg without a string. With drilled egg, you can work with weights. Simply attach the bag with a little bit of rice to the egg with a cord, and you can work out.


 3. Why use Yoni Egg?

Exercising the pelvic floor is very important for a woman. The pelvic floor includes the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and colon. It has a profound effect on overall health and body condition. Exercise with yoni egg will strengthen the entire center of the body, and this will help you: from back pain, incontinence, reduce menstrual pain, increase the ability to conceive, correct posture, strengthen the uterine muscle and improve sensitivity for a more intense intimate experience. An ancient Taoist tradition says that a healthy and strong yoni amplifies the flow of vital energy in the body.


 4. Is Yoni egg hygienic?

Yoni egg is perfect from the hygienic perspective because it does not support the production and growth of bacteria. The egg is like a dumbbell, so it fulfills its purpose regardless of whether you trust its “energy” abilities. And which woman would prefer a piece of plastic over a gemstone?


5. How to choose the right Yoni egg?

Just reach for the stone that speaks to you and draws your attention. This is an indicator that you are attracting each other. Sometimes problems stem from a hidden source. That is why the illogical yet tangible feeling works so well. It works whether you choose with a deeper intention or just want the most beautiful stone to look on.


6. How to choose the right size of yoni egg?

Generally, the smaller the egg, the harder it is to feel it. Women who have given birth or women of 50+ years of age will have to start with a larger egg (45 × 30 mm, 55-65g). A medium-sized egg (45 × 25 mm, 35-40g) is the best choice for most women. Small egg (30 × 20 mm) is suitable for advanced women who control their pelvic floor and want to improve further.


7. How to use the yoni egg?

Put the egg in your yoni. Start step by step. Act on your intuition. It is not necessary to have an egg for a long time – first, only a few minutes, gradually even several hours. Breathe deeply. Upon inhale, contract the muscles to suck up the egg, when exhaling loosen and let it slowly sink down to the yoni entrance to the small lips. Remember that everything has its time. You will feel better and better with time in your senses.


8. How often should I use the yoni egg?

Take your time to get used to yourself with the egg. All you have to do is practice your pelvic muscles several times a week for 10 or 15 minutes for the first month and focus on “squeezing” the egg and see if you feel it. Over time, your strength will increase so much that you can take the egg for a walk, wear it during house cleaning, to work.

If you are more advanced, we recommend practicing with the egg about 2 hours 3 times a week. But as always, it’s about your intuition and feelings. It is a good idea to remove the egg after 12 hours to clean it up and let your yoni rest.


9. How to clean the Yoni egg?

It is best to wash the egg thoroughly with tap water immediately after removal and before use. Focus on cleaning the hole. If water is not enough for you, you can use your favorite disinfectant in the form of natural soap for sensitive skin. For hot water, beware of egg damage (cracking). It is not necessary to cook it hard! 🙂


10. When shouldn’t I use the Yoni egg?


Do not use Yoni Egg during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your uterus should be calm.

 After giving birth

Do not use your Yoni egg right after giving birth. The puerperium period is the minimum time until you heal yourself. There is no need to rush anything. After the puerperium, we recommend that you consult a doctor who will assess whether everything has healed as it should.

 Intrauterine device

Do not use the Yoni egg when using an intrauterine device. The egg and the body may collide and push it out of its place. Also, during exercise, the cord may become entangled with the cord from the body. This may reduce its effectiveness and even tear in the uterine walls.


11. Can I use a Yoni egg during my period?

It’s not explicitly dangerous, but we certainly don’t recommend using a yoni egg during your days. It is better to give the uterus room to release blood without adding any additional stimulus. You also have to decide on intuition. If you feel comfortable during your days, go ahead! Before and after each use, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the egg, as your yoni is more sensitive to infection in this part of the month. Do not carry an egg longer than a swab to allow blood to leave the body. 


12. How to introduce the Yoni egg?

If you want, you can put string for easy retrieval into the drilled hole and fix it with a knot. Make sure that the string is strong enough by pulling at it. Manipulation is very similar to a tampon. Insert gently with the larger end of an egg first. (It’s ok even if you do it the other way round) Don’t push it up; just let it slip in by itself. You can warm your egg in lukewarm water or just by holding it in hands. It’s ok to use an egg without string

If you need some lubricants to use coconut oil. You can also add breast massage to your practice.


13. How to exercise with Yoni egg?

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Inhale, squeeze the egg and release it with exhalation. Proceed slowly. You can count to five.

The same position enriched by lifting the hips into the air. When inhaling, grip the egg and lift the hips and butt up from the mattress. When exhaling, relax and place them back on the mattress

Kneel on the mattress, place your hands on your thighs. Straighten your back and release your shoulders. With an inhale, squeeze the egg and punch forward with an exhalation to relax and allow yourself to hunch back, hang your head.


14. How to take out the yoni egg?

The egg can come out spontaneously during or after an exercise. If you want to release the egg, then either pulling the string or expelling it with the power of your own muscles. If you do not have a string in the egg and can not be removed, the main thing is to calm and relax the muscles. Then squat while pushing the egg out. It’s not far, and you should reach it even with your own finger.


15. What should I do if I cannot hold the egg inside?

 Once you start exercising, it will improve very quickly. Focus on squeezing the egg and see if you feel it. If you feel no physical movement, continue and concentrate on the pelvic area and imagine you squeezing it. This will start to involve the part of your brain responsible for controlling these muscles. Be patient. Maybe you just tuned in to these muscles for the first time in your life—several times a week for 10 or 15 minutes.


16. I don’t feel the egg, is it okay?

This is quite normal because the egg should not always be felt. Yoni’s egg is here to help you develop an awareness of the internal functioning of your vagina. You can easily increase sensitivity and gain more control with a yoni egg. You’ll notice that engaging your pelvic floor muscles will allow you to feel the egg more. Opposite to vibrators, which over time, dull the senses and force you to stimulate more and more. Yoni’s egg will help you become more sensitive. Simply give your egg a ‘hug’ and notice its delicate presence.


17. How to exercise with yoni egg and weights?

Simply attach bag filled with some rice to the string and then egg itself. Weights shouldn’t be too heavy if it is hard for you to keep the egg, reduce the amount of rice until you feel comfortable. It is important not to overload yourself. You’d better proceed slowly every day, rather than putting half a pound on your egg once a week.


19. Can I use an egg even if it is cracked, or has it started to crack?

Internal cracks that you see in a pink quartz egg, for example, are normal. However, if the egg begins to crack and discover external cracks that you can even feel being sharp with your finger, stop using the egg immediately.

Is the floss vegan?

Yes, our dental floss is free of animal products.

What flavor is the dental floss?

It is fresh mint.

What type of plastic are the refills packaged in?

It is a compostable PLA (plant-based) material. You can put it in the BIOwaste container.

What material are they made of?

It is a borosilicate glass of premium quality made in a Czech glass shop that specializes in high-quality lab glass.

Borosilicate glass is about 30% more durable than regular good quality glass.

What are the dimensions of the straw?

It is 20cm long with an outer diameter of 1.2 cm and an inner of 0.9cm.

Are they dishwasher friendly?

Yes. You can put them in the dishwasher after every use.

How to clean the straws?

Put them in a dishwasher or use the brush that is included.

Will they not break in my mouth?

They will not if they are used as straws should be used. Chewing them is not recommended. Using them in your drinks for drinking or squeezing lemons/limes etc. is also OK. Also, scooping fruits or veggies from your drink is just fine and will not break them.

Are they suitable for children?

Children under 13 years of age should use them under the supervision and should be informed not to chew the straws or smash them.


Can I use them with hot/cold drinks?

Yes, borosilicate glass is excellent at dealing with temperature changes and hot temperatures. It’s melting point is 600-celsius degrees.

You can use them for teas, soups, and other hot drinks or food.

They can also withstand freezing temperatures.


Is the print/design safe?

Yes. The print is baked to the glass at high temperatures. It will not release to your drink or while being washed in a dishwasher. Even scrapping it off with a knife will yield minimum damage, if any.