We are reviving tradition,
that determines the future.

we continue the tradition

We continue the craft, which has always been a tradition in the Czech Republic. The straws are made in the family glassworks in Podkrkonoší from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is resistant to breakage. On a Mohs hardness scale (where the diamond is 10 and chalk 1), borosilicate glass is rated 7.5 points. Ordinary glass has only 5 points. The straws love the dishwasher or can be cleaned with the brush that is included.

Glass straws by Yoni

resiliant glass

czech flag

made in the Czech republic

symbol of money

fair price

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benefits of our glass straws

the future is in sustainability

In America alone, 500 million plastic straws are consumed every day, ending every year in landfills and oceans, so we decided to produce long-life straws here in the Czech Republic. Local production not only reduces the environmental footprint caused by transport but is also more socially responsible than transferring production to developing countries. We want to relieve the planet and create quality.
Glass straws by Yoni
Yoni glass straws in action

help globally

We donate €0.75 per package to an organization that provides health care to people in return for recyclable waste. This teaches locals in Third World countries that waste is of value and instead of ending up in the forest or ocean ends up in a recycling station.


Glass straws by Yoni


Glass straws by Yoni

your feedback

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I fell in love with yoni straws and fun fact - they are not as big as they look like.
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We start with ourselves. We start with the straw. We replace plastic with the glass. Czech glass. Glass with beautiful print. Thank you, Yoni.
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What I love most about Yoni straws is the wide diameter. I can drink smoothies with them as well.
Nikol(verified owner)
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The straws are absolutely amazing! Fair price. The straws are very strong, ideally long and wide - they fit in a small can, if necessary. Simply perfection and in addition beautiful minimalist design.
Gordan(verified owner)
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I got the straws as a gift and I'm excited about them. I use them daily and I enjoy them so much, that I drink twice as much water as usually - and that's a big plus!

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our straws in action

Find out more about where our straws help and what is the difference between zero-waste straws and more-use straws.