“If you think we can’t change the world,
it just means you’re not one of those who will.”
― Jacque Fresco

Kristof - Yonilife co foudner
Jazine, Co-Founder of Yoni

jazine & krištof

the journey

When we were 19 years old, we thought we’d pack a backpack, and we wouldn’t come back. We’ll find the right place in a world where we huddle and be well. So we shaved our heads, took the most essential things, and started hitch-hiking. We relied on the universe. We visited the most beautiful places and met people who were our family from the first sight. But wherever we were, something was missing. Self-realization. And our place? It’s not outside, but inside of our heart.

Yoni is a personal matter for us. Yoni is a summary of our ideas and work on implementation. It is not just what we have already realized; it is all we are working on, what we hope for and what world we want to co-create. It is our vision of the future for both individuals and society. It is our belief in nature and a healthy lifestyle. We are not a big company with lots of employees. We are just two people who have decided to embark on a journey, and continually take new challenges,  learn from our mistakes, and live the joys and sorrows of life we chose. The combination of male and female energy keeps us alive. Creativity and a sense of conjunction with logic and mind have led us here, to you. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for being with us. We know you desire the same in the depths of your soul.


place of the beginning, birth, origin, source

together with the lingam, they symbolize the connection of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the endless divine process of creation and regeneration, the linkconnection of female (yoni) and masculine (lingam) energy that restores the whole existence.


I spontaneously came up with the word yoni as the name of our project, the intention to bring people the rawtoothbrush, yoni egg…. from the first moment we both felt that the “universe” was leading us and we decided to follow this call. I focus on photos, texts, social networks. My mom is helping us to manage our warehouse and partly with communication, packing products, sending shipments. She’s our only employee. She is our excellent support and motivation.


Without him, all visions would remain mere thought. He decided to deal with every technical necessity, figured out all the legal stuff. He maintains the functional structure of our company. He is a speaker and a representation of both of us in everyday life. It provides external technical cooperation. At the same time, we want to thank all those who have lent their skills to improve our web, design, marketing, etc. without outside help, we would not be where we are now.
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1st place (best installation) in CZDW 2017