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What is yoni egg?

Love, health, and longevity.

Its origin can be found in Eastern medicine of ancient China, where it started to be used 5000 years ago. Yoni egg has been a great help for strengthening and maintaining a healthy and flexible pelvic floor, cultivating intimate energy, and improving your love life. The relationship of the pelvic floor muscles and intensity of climax are well known and documented.

Why use yoni egg?

The pelvic floor is an important and forgotten topic. The pelvic floor includes the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and colon, and therefore has a profound effect on overall health and body condition. It’s like lifting a dumbbell. You can do it too!

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How is yoni egg used?

Insert the egg into your yoni. Start step by step. Act on your own intuition. It is not necessary to have the egg for a long time – at the beginning, only a few minutes, and gradually you can build up to several hours. Breathe deeply. When inhaling, contract the muscles, and when exhaling, let loose and let it slowly sink back down. Remember that everything has its time. You will feel better with every practice.

How to choose the right yoni egg?

Simply reach for the stone that speaks to you and attracts your attention.

This is an indicator that you attract each other. Sometimes problems stem from a hidden source. That is why the illogical yet tangible feeling works so well. However, it works whether you choose with a deeper sense or you want the most beautiful stone to look at.

Yoni eggs edited picture of Rose quartz by Jazine the artist
Obsidian Yoni eggs on back of Kakuš

Certified yoni egg

We care about the quality and origin of our Yoni eggs, and therefore we have them all certified by the Czech gemology laboratory. The certification guarantees the quality of the stone. We can, therefore, guarantee that the stones are not glued or otherwise altered. Our suppliers guarantee that no child labor is used in the extraction of stones.

If pelvic floor strengthening is brand new to you, please read more on our blog.

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