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Why rawtoothbrush?

The Rawtoothbrush has a small brush head with plenty of natural bristles. It works similarly to an interspace toothbrush. By letting you focus on smaller spaces at one time, it gives you the benefit of cleaning your teeth effectively. The Rawtoothbrush has active ingredients that kill bacteria and relieve toothaches.

What is rawtoothbrush?

Its a toothbrush with toothpaste (2 in 1). It naturally contains 19 active ingredients, ranging from essential vitamins and minerals to antibiotics that are released during cleaning and chewing. It kills bacteria and nourishes teeth and gums. It has a large number of bristles that reach places where a conventional brush can not reach. It removes plaque and gives a naturally beautiful smile.

In the photo: Fathy 63 years, 0 cavities.

fathy using rawtoothbrush
Rawtoothbrush while travelling

When does rawtoothbrush come in handy?

Whenever and where ever.

Rawtoothbrush can fully replace a regular toothbrush and toothpaste, or it can become a loyal supplement in the care of your teeth. Since it does not need a toothpaste, you can calmly use it on the road, trips, office, car or just while watching TV, as a, relax to the film. It helps you get rid of unnecessary stress at any time. Make duty fun.

healthy smile
naturally healthy smile
pleasant breath
antibacterial and hygienic
minerals and vitamins
19 active substances
benefits of rawoothbrush

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This is how my teeth look like after using the rawtoothbrush after 14 days. No additional brushing is needed, really. It's exciting and awesome!
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I really like the benefits of this method: my teeth are polished, smooth, whiter and my breath is nice. I can brush my teeth anywhere, in every situation(toothpaste not needed) and all materials are from #sustainablematerials #ecological.
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Yoni rawtoothbrushes are simply unbeatable. I no longer need to keep my toothbrush in the bathroom. I can clean my teeth without getting out of bed.
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I ordered the brushes a week ago and I was thrilled after the first cleaning! After a week my teeth are whiter and shinier.  I also like to massage my gums and I enjoy it so much! I've never had such incredibly smooth teeth before. I don't hesitate to clean every day, even at work
Mia K.
Mia K.Facebook
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I just wanted to share how much joy I have now. 🙂 … I just came from the dentist who praised me about how my dental health had improved. She knew what kind of teeth trouble I had before. My gums stopped bleeding, no cavities this time (previously I had every-time). My teeth are quite clean all the time …… and she told me that this is the best I could do. She took my breath away because she didn’t scold me for using some “roots”
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I had the opportunity to try the rawtoothbrush from Yoni. I have to say that the experience was great. I have beautiful teeth now. They are smooth and free of plaque. The plaque wasn't going away, but Yoni changed that. The technique of the brushing is easy, I got it quickly.

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rawtoothbrush® refills

rawtoothbrush® refills

cut in ideally sized pieces and dried

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traditional – whole root (14cm long)
Rawtoothbrush and its glass case