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Czech glass straws by Yoni life comapny

Why borosilicate glass?

  • It will not change the taste of the drink. Glass borosilicate is the only inert material in the straws game.
  • You can see through them, so you can be confident they are clean (no mold or other dry filth)
  • lasts for ages
  • keeps all the minerals and vitamins in the drink unchanged
  • borosilicate is 30% more robust than ordinary glass (7.5 on Mohs scale [diamond is 10 and chalk is 1])
  • made in Czechia, where glass making is traditional (we know how to make great glass)

Affordable and ideal for restaurants, bars, cafe, and other establishments

We believe that quality is first priority if you are running an establishment. Borosilicate straws are much more convenient than bamboo or metal straws. Because you can see they are clean or not. With bamboo or metal, you are not sure, and there is not anything worse than ruining a perfect drink with a dirty straw.


Czech glass straws by Yoni life comapny

They last forever

If properly taken care of, they will last you a long time. Usually, until someone decides to take it home with them or accidentally break them. But serving its purpose in drinks and smoothies, they last forever. This can not be said about metal or bamboo straws.

They are cheaper by time

Because you do not have to replace them as often as bamboo or metal ones, they are by the time much less expensive. Also, compared to one-time use straws (even ecological like paper or corn starch).

How much do they cost?

Because they have our design print, and in a way, it is marketing for us, we sell them to establishments at a lower price than to end costumers. Fill in the form and find out; you will be surprised.

Can I have a custom print?

You can if you need 1000 pieces of a single design.


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