Yoni egg frequently asked questions about pelvic floor exercise
Pelvic floor



What is Yoni egg? Why and what is it used for? What is the history of the Yoni Egg? This and more FAQs you will find in the article Pelvic Floor or the Center of the Body and the importance of its strengthening.

Why use a gemstone?

I like to surround myself with stones. I feel good around them.

While traveling, I was searching for crystals in nature. By focusing on them and later speaking to them, I managed to fill my backpack with crystals. I gave one to each of our HelpX hosts.

Crystals are a fascinating creation of nature. They are like companions, similar to plants.

Therefore, the answer to the question of why the Yoni gemstone egg is better for me than silicone or other artificial material is evident. I use the capability of the stones by putting them in the moonlight, filling them with my feelings and intentions. I put love and understanding into them.

How to choose the one for me?

I don’t like to preach which stone to use for what. Grasp the one that speaks to you and attracts your attention. This is the law of attraction. Sometimes problems stem from a hidden source. That’s why the illogical yet tangible feelings work so well.

Why drilled? 

If the egg is drilled, you can rest assured to take it out by pulling the string easily. Also, weight can be added by attaching a bag filled with rice to the egg by a string. I have noticed the comments that say that the “energy” of the stone is leaking from the hole. This idea leaves me calm. Just imagine the source stone. It was huge and then shaped to many different things, some of them the Yoni eggs. Drilling a small hole cannot do any harm.

How to know how much rice to use?

The weight should not be too heavy if it is difficult for you to hold the egg, reduce the amount of rice until you feel comfortable. It is important not to strain yourself. You better go slow every day, than to load half a kilo of lentil once a week.

What kind of string?

I’ve been trying to find a string that is ideal for reusing for some time. However, the more practice I experience, the more I change my mind. Better than shorter and thicker is thinner and longer. Therefore, in the end, I choose a solid thread that is not sharp. You should test it with your strength that it will never betray you. After practice, you can cut and throw the thread away. How simple and effective! Always clean.

How to cleanse the egg?

Keep the gemstone under running water and pay attention to the fact that everything unnecessary leaves it. Make sure the eyelet is clean (you can use a string or brush for perfect cleaning). Make sure after every use that you have cleaned the egg properly.

How to introduce and remove the egg?

You can introduce the egg with or without a string. If you feel safer with a string or plan to use weights, put your string on the egg and fix it with a knot. Most often is the egg introduced with the largest part going in first. Doing it the opposite way is not a mistake.

If you need help introducing the egg, you can use coconut oil, which is natural, versatile, and very affordable. Do not insert the egg too deep, gently push it until it is inside. The egg is removed either by pulling the string or by pushing it out with the force of your pelvic muscles. If you don’t have a string in your egg and you can’t remove it, the main thing is to calm down and relax your muscles. Then push the egg out in the squat.

If this does not help, visit your health practitioner.

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