“I was thrilled after the first cleaning! After a week my teeth are whiter and shinier. I also like to massage my gums and I enjoy it so much! I’ve never had such incredibly smooth teeth before.”
Eva (verified owner)
(16 customer reviews)

Rawtoothbrush® starter pack


Toothbrush with replaceable bristles. The bristles are from Salvadora persica roots. Gentle on your teeth and gums. It contains natural minerals, vitamins, and antibacterial agents. There is a reason why they also call it The toothbrush tree!
The Rawtoothrush handle gives you the optimal angle for cleaning your teeth properly.
It is also made from plants and is compostable!

types of rawtoothbrush® roots


Dried rawtoothbrush® is without plastic. It contains less active substances and has good quality bristles.

rawtoothbrush dry

vacuum fresh

Packed in recyclable plastic. It contains more active substances and has bristles of better quality
rawtoothbrush vacuum sealed

farm fresh

Without plastic. It contains the most active substances and has the most flexible bristles. Straight from our farm.
rawtoothbrush farm fresh
Stand for Rawtoothbrush

Why rawtoothbrush?

The Rawtoothbrush has a small brush head with plenty of natural bristles. It works similarly to an interspace toothbrush. By letting you focus on smaller spaces at one time, it gives you the benefit of cleaning your teeth effectively. The Rawtoothbrush has active ingredients that kill bacteria and relieve toothaches.

What is rawtoothbrush?

Its a toothbrush with toothpaste (2 in 1). It naturally contains 19 active ingredients, ranging from essential vitamins and minerals to antibiotics that are released during cleaning and chewing. It kills bacteria and nourishes teeth and gums. It has a large number of bristles that reach places where a conventional brush can not reach. It removes plaque and gives a naturally beautiful smile.

In the photo: Fathy 63 years, 0 cavities.

fathy using rawtoothbrush
Rawtoothbrush while travelling

When does rawtoothbrush come in handy?

Whenever and where ever.

Rawtoothbrush can fully replace a regular toothbrush and toothpaste, or it can become a loyal supplement in the care of your teeth. Since it does not need a toothpaste, you can calmly use it on the road, trips, office, car or just while watching TV, as a, relax to the film. It helps you get rid of unnecessary stress at any time. Make duty fun.

healthy smile
naturally healthy smile
pleasant breath
antibacterial and hygienic
minerals and vitamins
19 active substances
benefits of rawoothbrush

your feedback

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This is how my teeth look like after using the rawtoothbrush after 14 days. No additional brushing is needed, really. It's exciting and awesome!
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I really like the benefits of this method: my teeth are polished, smooth, whiter and my breath is nice. I can brush my teeth anywhere, in every situation(toothpaste not needed) and all materials are from #sustainablematerials #ecological.
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Yoni rawtoothbrushes are simply unbeatable. I no longer need to keep my toothbrush in the bathroom. I can clean my teeth without getting out of bed.
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I ordered the brushes a week ago and I was thrilled after the first cleaning! After a week my teeth are whiter and shinier.  I also like to massage my gums and I enjoy it so much! I've never had such incredibly smooth teeth before. I don't hesitate to clean every day, even at work
Mia K.
Mia K.Facebook
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I just wanted to share how much joy I have now. 🙂 … I just came from the dentist who praised me about how my dental health had improved. She knew what kind of teeth trouble I had before. My gums stopped bleeding, no cavities this time (previously I had every-time). My teeth are quite clean all the time …… and she told me that this is the best I could do. She took my breath away because she didn’t scold me for using some “roots”
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I had the opportunity to try the rawtoothbrush from Yoni. I have to say that the experience was great. I have beautiful teeth now. They are smooth and free of plaque. The plaque wasn't going away, but Yoni changed that. The technique of the brushing is easy, I got it quickly.

Please feel free to continue reading about the rawtoothbrush and the Toothbrush tree on our blog.

rawtoothbrush® refills

rawtoothbrush® refills

cut in ideally sized pieces and dried

rawtoothbrush® root

traditional – whole root (14cm long)
Rawtoothbrush and its glass case
Weight 0,15 kg

Dry and cut (plastic free), farm fresh, vacuum fresh





How to use rawtoothbrush?

16 reviews for Rawtoothbrush® starter pack

  1. rozehnalova.michaela

    Absolutely sensational! Brushing your teeth has never been easier! Everyone in my family admires the brush and the people I gifted the toothbrush to are excited !!!

  2. Mája Slavíková

    At first, I was frightened by such a horseradish scent of the rawtoothbrush, and I was afraid that it will burn. But after trying, I’m surprised! It does not burn – it has a delicate taste, not bland.
    So far, I only use it once a day, because of my periodontitis – I wouldn’t like to neglect oral hygiene again. But even after a week of using the rawtoothbrush, I’m excited about the result. My teeth are whiter, the gums more pink. Thank you for this product!

  3. misa.dzurnakova

    After brushing for the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my teeth cleanliness. Without plaque, they were beautifully clean. Every day my teeth seem whiter. Love it!

  4. Róza

    I have been using rawtoothbrush for a long time either as a supplement to “classic” tooth cleaning or as a significant assistant in dental hygiene on the road and can’t get enough of it. After cleaning, the teeth are plaque free, pleasantly “soft” and considerably clean.

  5. M. Jelenová

    The first time I was cleaning, I did not like the scent of the rawtoothbrush and the taste of the essential oils, but during the second cleaning I practically did not notice it,
    Overall, after two weeks of using it, I am incredibly excited! With the rawtoothbrush, the teeth are cleaned very well, and the feeling of cleanliness in the mouth after cleaning is much more noticeable and pleasant than after brushing with a regular toothbrush.
    It is also better for our planet, so what is more to wish for?
    Thank you for it!

  6. Adéla k.

    I am delighted; I would definitely not return to the plastic toothbrush.
    It’s great that you can clean your teeth wherever you want and no water or toothpaste is needed
    My teeth are much cleaner, and there is no bad smell in my mouth
    It’s a little harder to get to the inside of the teeth, but the yoni team has already solved it with the handle.

  7. Eva

    In one word – Luxury. Teeth clean and bright. I’m ordering another more.

  8. Lenka Kučerová

    Satisfaction, I use it only for a short time. But we love rawtoothbrushes with my boyfriend! Thank you, you are wonderful.

  9. Michal

    We use Yoni rawtoothbrushes with my girlfriend. We enjoy not only it being a natural thing, but also enjoying the taste of it, and we got used to it. Often we chew the rawtoothbrush much longer than we would spend time with classic brush and toothpaste paste.

  10. Tom

    The rawtoothbrushes are great, they clean teeth well. I can say that I do not longer have gum bleeding (I had nothing tragic, but once a week I always bleed and now maybe once a month?) The dental tartar does not enlarge … in short, my teeth are still healthy after 2 years using this rawtoothbrush without supplementing with regular toothbrush and/or toothpaste.

  11. Lenka M

    The handle is amazingly practical. Finally, I can clean my teeth with the rawtoothbrush and reach all teeth from all sides quickly. And even use the last bit of the root. The angel of the bristles is great to reach the molars easily.
    Plus, I finally have a whole starter pack with the glass case and dental floss from charcoal. Everything is elegant; it keeps it cleaner, more hygienic. A twig with a handle can fit into the case.
    I also appreciate the fact that you can buy the twigs in zero-waste variation.

  12. Renata

    I use the rawtoothbrushes for the third year, and I am thrilled with them. Also my dentist is happy. ???? Beautifully cleans my teeth, no plaque, I have a pleasant feeling in my mouth. I warmly recommend

  13. Valdemar Shíbal

    Great idea, it just goes really hard at first. It would take a little bit to adjust the click-release mechanism at the end to make it easier. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

    • adminkristof

      Good day, Valdemar,

      Thank you for your feedback. The lock at the end is more rigid to endure. Over time, the material will loosen up, and if it immediately loosened from the beginning, it would threaten to unlock itself over time.
      The light opening is a feather, part of the foot with the lock gently bends to unlock. For the more effortless opening, bend the bottom part of the feet with the lock to open it.

  14. Barbora

    I am using the rawtoothbrush for the first week. After every cleaning I have a pleasant mouth feel, my teeth are smooth, and nothing stays in between them. I plan to use it regularly.

  15. bedina00

    Brushing Teeth With Sticks? I have to try!
    That’s what I said when I first heard about the rawtoothbrush. Since I have been trying to live as ecologically the most recently, I ordered the roots of Salvadora Persica, and I fell in love with it after first use. It is a comfortable and gentle way to care for your teeth. You do not need anything more than the brush itself, and some water to rinse ad the case to carry it with you everywhere. The convenience also lies in the fact that you do not have to always spit out a mixture of toothpaste and saliva, swallow the essential oil from the rawtoothbrush. The toothbrush has a rather exciting taste, even though it does not smell very good, but gives you a feeling of cleanliness in your mouth, smooth teeth and happy that you have chosen a healthier alternative to dental hygiene. Many people in my area have even noticed that I have somehow whiter teeth. As far as the drawbacks are concerned, it is obvious that you must first find a way to clean all your teeth properly. It takes a little exercise, but the root is slightly elastic, so it might look like you will tear your face in half, but eventually, you will soon be able to reach every teeth :). Furthermore, it seems to me that it is not enough to clean the interdental spaces with him, so I will use some other method because I am used to care for my teeth. Others may only need the twig.
    Anyway, I recommend everyone to try the rawtoothbrush at least as a supplement to the usual brush and paste – you may like that you throw the plastic toothbrush away and bet on the Yoni rawtoothbrush. Or at least you will have something new and exciting you tried.

    • adminkristof


      Thanks for the in-depth feedback. We are happy about it.

      To clean all your teeth more easily please use the rawtoothbrush handle. It will save you time and hassle of just using the roots itself ???? => rawtoothbrush handle
      For interdental spaces you can use our dental floss => Natural dental floss

  16. Ve Poulova

    It’s a miracle! What I clean with an ordinary toothbrush for half an hour I clean with rawtoothbrush in five minutes. Tt’s quite nice to clean the roots and I enjoy it. And the feeling of purity in the mouth lasts from night well in the morning and all during the day. It’s a miracle.

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