“It’s great. I introduced the egg before my cycle and for the first time, I had no premenstrual pain.”
– Jekaterina A. (verified owner)

Custom Yoni egg set

Customise your Yoni eggs set. You can choose from certified semi-precious stones:

Rose quartz, Crystal quartz, Amethyst and Red Jasper.

The set contains three certified eggs with a hole. Size M (beginner) size S (advanced) and smallest XS (Master)

The set also contains:

  • instructions on how to take care of the egg and practice with it
  • video-instructions for pelvic floor exercises
  • meditation music specially created for pelvic floor exercises
  • 3x pendant
  • bag
  • box
  • cleaning brush
  • 30 meters of string for yoni egg
medium yoni egg placeholder
Small yoni egg placeholder
Extra small yoni egg placeholder


crystal quartz yoni egg

Crystal quartz

Crystal quartz is the purest form of itself. That is why its color is transparent, sometimes white. In history it was seen as eternal ice sent by the heavenly gods. It is very versatile stone. It is your blank slate ready to serve any purpose.


Form of quartz that turned purple due to metal ions in its structure. It is stone of higher knowing, spirituality, intuition. It resonates with upper chakras like third eye and crown.
Jazine with Yoni egg on her woman parts

Rose quartz

Another form os quartz, this time pink. It is stone of unconditional love. It represents love, peace and harmony. It is healing for relationship with ourselves and other people. It resonates with heart chakra.

Red jasper

Belongs to Chalcedony mineral class. Closely connected with out Mother Earth and womanhood. Supports inner strength and courage. Very grounding. It resonates with sacral and base chakra.

Weight 0,35 kg

Amethyst, Crystal quartz, Red jasper, Rose quartz


Amethyst, Crystal quartz, Red Jasper, Rose quartz

Extra small

Amethyst, Crystal quartz, Red jasper, Rose quartz


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