“It’s great. I introduced the egg before my cycle and for the first time, I had no premenstrual pain.”
– Jekaterina A. (verified owner)
(21 customer reviews)

Yoni egg


Wake your inner goddess and natural senses with a certified yoni egg.

The stone is a semi-precious stone in the shape of an egg.

Exercise with yoni egg will strengthen the whole center of the body, and this will help you from back pain, incontinence, menstrual pain, increases the ability to conceive, balance posture, blood circulation in the lower body, strengthens the uterine muscles and causes sensitization. It is also suitable for preparation for childbirth as well as treatment and restoration of the condition of the body after delivery.

An old Taoist tradition says that a healthy and strong yoni amplifies the flow of vital energy in the body.

Egg size is 40x30mm and weighs 65-70g.

The egg has a drilled hole for attaching the string.

The package includes a box, string, pendant, and bag, which serves as a travel case for the egg.

The box has a lining of EVA material. If you do not wish to have it in, leave a note at the checkout.

Magda with Yoni eggs

What is yoni egg?

love, health and longevity

Its origin can be found in Eastern medicine of ancient China, where it started to be used 5000 years ago. Yoni egg has been a great help for strengthening and maintaining healthy and flexible pelvic floor, cultivating intimate energy and improving your love life. The relationship of the pelvic floor muscles and intensity of climax are well known and documented.

Why use yoni egg?

The pelvic floor is an important and forgotten topic. The pelvic floor includes the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and colon, and therefore has a profound effect on overall health and body condition. It’s like lifting a dumbbell. You can do it too!

Jazine with Yoni egg on her woman parts
Jazine with yoni eggs on her chest

Certified yoni egg

We care about the quality and origin of our Yoni eggs, and therefore we have them all certified by the Czech gemology laboratory. The certification guarantees the quality of the stone. We can, therefore, ensure that the stones are not glued or otherwise altered. Our suppliers guarantee that no child labor is used in the extraction of stones.

Weight N/A
Stone type

Amethyst, Amethyst – master set, Aventurin – master set, Crystal quartz, Crystal quartz – master set, Jade – master set, Obsidian – Master set, Red jasper, Red Jasper – Master set, Rose quartz, Rose quartz – master set, Tiger eye






1.Are your Yoni eggs certified?

Yes, we pride ourselves on quality, and therefore we have eggs certified here in the Czech Republic by the Czech Gemological Society.

2. Why do our yoni eggs have a hole?

We want even the most delicate women to feel confident and have the opportunity to relax in the exercise, abandon all fear. The hole serves as a safe space for you to lean on if you are afraid to introduce the egg without a string. With drilled egg, you can work with weights. Simply attach the bag with a little bit of rice to the egg with a cord, and you can work out.

3. Why use Yoni Egg?

Exercising the pelvic floor is very important for a woman. The pelvic floor includes the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and colon. It has a profound effect on overall health and body condition. Exercise with yoni egg will strengthen the entire center of the body, and this will help you: from back pain, incontinence, reduce menstrual pain, increase the ability to conceive, correct posture, strengthen the uterine muscle and improve sensitivity for a more intense intimate experience. An ancient Taoist tradition says that a healthy and strong yoni amplifies the flow of vital energy in the body.

4. Is Yoni egg hygienic?

Yoni egg is perfect from the hygienic perspective because it does not support the production and growth of bacteria. The egg is like a dumbbell, so it fulfills its purpose regardless of whether you trust its “energy” abilities. And which woman would prefer a piece of plastic over a gemstone?

5. How to choose the right Yoni egg?

Just reach for the stone that speaks to you and draws your attention. This is an indicator that you are attracting each other. Sometimes problems stem from a hidden source. That is why the illogical yet tangible feeling works so well. It works whether you choose with a deeper intention or just want the most beautiful stone to look on.

6. How to choose the right size of yoni egg?

Generally, the smaller the egg, the harder it is to feel it. Women who have given birth or women of 50+ years of age will have to start with a larger egg (45 × 30 mm, 55-65g). A medium-sized egg (45 × 25 mm, 35-40g) is the best choice for most women. Small egg (30 × 20 mm) is suitable for advanced women who control their pelvic floor and want to improve further.

7. How to use the yoni egg?

Put the egg in your yoni. Start step by step. Act on your intuition. It is not necessary to have an egg for a long time – first, only a few minutes, gradually even several hours. Breathe deeply. Upon inhale, contract the muscles to suck up the egg, when exhaling loosen and let it slowly sink down to the yoni entrance to the small lips. Remember that everything has its time. You will feel better and better with time in your senses.

8. How often should I use the yoni egg?

Take your time to get used to yourself with the egg. All you have to do is practice your pelvic muscles several times a week for 10 or 15 minutes for the first month and focus on “squeezing” the egg and see if you feel it. Over time, your strength will increase so much that you can take the egg for a walk, wear it during house cleaning, to work.

If you are more advanced, we recommend practicing with the egg about 2 hours 3 times a week. But as always, it’s about your intuition and feelings. It is a good idea to remove the egg after 12 hours to clean it up and let your yoni rest.

9. How to clean the Yoni egg?

It is best to wash the egg thoroughly with tap water immediately after removal and before use. Focus on cleaning the hole. If water is not enough for you, you can use your favorite disinfectant in the form of natural soap for sensitive skin. For hot water, beware of egg damage (cracking). It is not necessary to cook it hard! ????

10. When shouldn’t I use the Yoni egg?


Do not use Yoni Egg during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your uterus should be calm.

After giving birth

Do not use your Yoni egg right after giving birth. The puerperium period is the minimum time until you heal yourself. There is no need to rush anything. After the puerperium, we recommend that you consult a doctor who will assess whether everything has healed as it should.

Intrauterine device

Do not use the Yoni egg when using an intrauterine device. The egg and the body may collide and push it out of its place. Also, during exercise, the cord may become entangled with the cord from the body. This may reduce its effectiveness and even tear in the uterine walls.

11. Can I use a Yoni egg during my period?

It’s not explicitly dangerous, but we certainly don’t recommend using a yoni egg during your days. It is better to give the uterus room to release blood without adding any additional stimulus. You also have to decide on intuition. If you feel comfortable during your days, go ahead! Before and after each use, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the egg, as your yoni is more sensitive to infection in this part of the month. Do not carry an egg longer than a swab to allow blood to leave the body.

12. How to introduce the Yoni egg?

If you want, you can put string for easy retrieval into the drilled hole and fix it with a knot. Make sure that the string is strong enough by pulling at it. Manipulation is very similar to a tampon. Insert gently with the larger end of an egg first. (It’s ok even if you do it the other way round) Don’t push it up; just let it slip in by itself. You can warm your egg in lukewarm water or just by holding it in hands. It’s ok to use an egg without string

If you need some lubricants to use coconut oil. You can also add breast massage to your practice.

13. How to exercise with Yoni egg?

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Inhale, squeeze the egg and release it with exhalation. Proceed slowly. You can count to five.

The same position enriched by lifting the hips into the air. When inhaling, grip the egg and lift the hips and butt up from the mattress. When exhaling, relax and place them back on the mattress

Kneel on the mattress, place your hands on your thighs. Straighten your back and release your shoulders. With an inhale, squeeze the egg and punch forward with an exhalation to relax and allow yourself to hunch back, hang your head.

14. How to take out the yoni egg?

The egg can come out spontaneously during or after an exercise. If you want to release the egg, then either pulling the string or expelling it with the power of your own muscles. If you do not have a string in the egg and can not be removed, the main thing is to calm and relax the muscles. Then squat while pushing the egg out. It’s not far, and you should reach it even with your own finger.

15. What should I do if I cannot hold the egg inside?

Once you start exercising, it will improve very quickly. Focus on squeezing the egg and see if you feel it. If you feel no physical movement, continue and concentrate on the pelvic area and imagine you squeezing it. This will start to involve the part of your brain responsible for controlling these muscles. Be patient. Maybe you just tuned in to these muscles for the first time in your life—several times a week for 10 or 15 minutes.

16. I don’t feel the egg, is it okay?

This is quite normal because the egg should not always be felt. Yoni’s egg is here to help you develop an awareness of the internal functioning of your vagina. You can easily increase sensitivity and gain more control with a yoni egg. You’ll notice that engaging your pelvic floor muscles will allow you to feel the egg more. Opposite to vibrators, which over time, dull the senses and force you to stimulate more and more. Yoni’s egg will help you become more sensitive. Simply give your egg a ‘hug’ and notice its delicate presence.

17. How to exercise with yoni egg and weights?

Simply attach bag filled with some rice to the string and then egg itself. Weights shouldn’t be too heavy if it is hard for you to keep the egg, reduce the amount of rice until you feel comfortable. It is important not to overload yourself. You’d better proceed slowly every day, rather than putting half a pound on your egg once a week.

19. Can I use an egg even if it is cracked, or has it started to crack?

Internal cracks that you see in a pink quartz egg, for example, are normal. However, if the egg begins to crack and discover external cracks that you can even feel being sharp with your finger, stop using the egg immediately.

Surface & material

Stones are natural product, so it is advised to expect some degree of imperfection. Even in case of synthetic diamonds, it is very rare to have flawless one. Did you know that most quartz crystals are between 40 million to 400 million years old? This makes it certain that stone is absorbing many particles of other materials or stones, reacting and mixing with water, gasses. Every gem has its own specific structure which makes it unique. Stones are also cracking and chiping due to nature of its material. When carving yoni eggs, you can not avoid exposure of some natural holes in the stone or slight chipping of the stone. So bare in mind, that even tho your yoni egg is slightly imperfect, it is direct mirror helping you embrace all as it is! All these defect are normal and can not harm you in any way.

Many gems actually have a higher value due to inclusions. After all, the real value of a stone is determined by its uniqueness and rarity, not by its perfect purity.

“Jewelry artist Brooke Gregson says her penchant for inclusions stems from her background as a textile designer: They let her weave together nature’s varying colors and lustrous textures.”

“Gems with inclusions have a more visible textural and multidimensional quality than those that are considered ‘clean,’” she explains. “A clean gemstone can look like any other ‘flawless’ stone, but an included gemstone has its own character, like an emotive impressionist or abstract painting.”

US-based lapidarist and designer Pamela Huizenga is no stranger to working with gems that have naturally occurring inclusions, and she celebrates rather than disguises them. “Using sliced or included stones gives people another perspective of what the rough stone looked like. Sliced gems allow you to see their raw outer edge and how the crystal is structured from the inside,” she says.

Designer Daria de Koning in Los Angeles, California, also expresses wonder at natural gem formations: “I’m fascinated [by] inclusions that create patterns or multiple colors within one gem.” https://jewelryconnoisseur.net/embracing-their-flaws-inclusions/

21 reviews for Yoni egg

  1. Simona Petru

    The Egg and I are getting used to each other. In nature, it is even stronger. The first energy cleaning took place and even though it was more demanding, I am grateful for it. I do it for myself. I kindly recommend. Support from the store is also more than just a sale. Thank you

  2. Susane L.

    Thank you and I highly recommend it to everyone ❤
    I received a beautiful stone in an amazing package.

  3. Dáša H.

    I definitely recommend the egg, it’s a wonderful opportunity to perceive my femininity. I use it briefly, we’re still getting to know each other, but I’m excited now. I really like that it is made of semi-precious stone and carries with it its energy, which can be worked with, I’m just charging it on the ground under a pine tree ???? And I recommend the shop for a thousand stars, I ordered in the evening and maybe the next day it came, it was fast! Thank you very much:)

  4. Zuzana D.

    I bought a rose quartz yoni egg and I’m excited about the quality of the stone, the packaging and the beautiful approach of the sellers. The second time I used the egg i felt gentle waves of energy throughout my body, a wonderful experience. Otherwise, the stone may react in any way, depending on the intention of the user. Anyway, the quality of the stones and the shop is great, I definitely recommend.

  5. Barbora

    The egg is beautiful, I feel safe with it – I wear it during the day for several hours and I practice when I remember. It came in a beautiful package with instructions, which pleasantly surprised me. I’m looking for a way with an egg and it’s more challenging than I expected – I’m curious how it will continue.

  6. Cathrine

    The egg is beautifully made and came in a nice box. So far we have only two experiences together, but it is pleasant to use it and I believe that it will help me strengthen my pelvic floor in the future.

  7. Martina

    The red jasper egg is beautiful, it supports a woman’s energy a lot. I have been using it for a month and I had a very strong energy cleaning, for which I am very grateful. It is important to promote femininity. Thank you for the opportunity to buy an egg from you. What you do is great.

  8. Daniela

    The egg is beautiful – I chose amethyst and I am very satisfied. I probably can’t imagine smaller than the largest size(M) yet, but we’ll see where I get to :). The egg came beautifully and securely packed, with instructions, a thread and a carrying bag. I highly recommend.

  9. Milada

    We are just getting to know each other. I can already write that it is my pleasure.
    I underestimated the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor and changed my mind. It is important and thanks to the egg even easier and more pleasant.
    Among other things, the egg also brings me sexual pleasure, which pleasantly surprised me :-).
    I’m glad I bought the egg in this store, the feedback is great.

  10. Katie

    Beautiful luxury packaging.
    The acquaintance with the egg takes place and miracles happen. Thank you very much and I recommend Yoni shop.

  11. Milýra

    A beautiful piece of jewelry for a conscious woman and her sacred path to life ❤️ The egg is amazing to wear, I have rose quartz and it is a beautiful luxury thing for the celebration of femininity ❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you for being!

  12. Markéta Šťastná

    Hello Yoni,

    wonderful shop with amazing beautiful things 🙂 I have been thinking about the egg for a long time and I do not regret my decision at all… they are beautiful and we live together:D I wear the smallest on my neck, the middle one sleeps with me under the pillow , the biggest is getting to know my yoni. It’s strength and they came to me at the right time…. Thank you for being and I wish you a lot of strength and health …… Marki 😉

  13. Michelle

    The purchase was smooth, I was very satisfied, from order confirmation to the speed of delivery and packaging and, of course, with the products.

    Yoni’s rose quartz egg is beautiful and I work with the egg very often and I enjoy it. Sometimes I use it for meditation in the course I take and sometimes I just use it myself. It is such a faithful friend of mine and sometimes I fall asleep with it even in my hand, because I feel safe with it. I definitely recommend it to any woman who wants to work on herself and start to perceive and feel the yoni and muscles in her.

  14. Lesana

    I’m happy with the egg, I just don’t have the courage to use the “string” (thread). I insert the egg without any problems, but with the removal without the help of the string (thread) sometimes there is problem. Otherwise, I don’t regret my decision for the Yoni egg, I just don’t know if I should choose another one without holes for the string and probably even with easier cleaning, when I still have such a more natural feeling of having a yoni egg in me emotionally without that string. I really like the Yoni egg stone quality.

  15. Amalka

    Strengthening the pelvic floor and cleansing the body with semi-precious stones – what more could you want ????

  16. Olga

    I bought a red jasper egg and I am very satisfied, a beautiful box, a string and a beautiful bag. Jasper works on the first chakra, I take good care of the stone and charge it regularly on the sun, I think it helps. I’m more balanced and the pelvic floor is stronger than it was before, thank you. PS string is useless for me. I recommend the egg, it really works.

  17. Jane

    I appreciate the information about the stones and their influences. I chose intuitively. Although I didn’t like the color at all, I felt I need it. The energy makes me happy.

  18. Veronica

    Absolutely amazing❤️
    I ordered the rose quartz eggs,
    After unpacking (in a beautiful box, with pendants and a bag :)) The stones have wonderful energy ????
    I must say that the use of the yoni eggs woke up a new woman in me. I learned a new type of orgasm.
    Thank you very much!!
    Professional shop, great communication, interested in you and your yoni 🙂

  19. Jarka

    Hello everyone, I fell asleep with the egg yesterday and in the morning it helped me to pull out all the sadness I felt. Thank you.
    I have been using eggs for several years, I was led to this by vaginal mapping, after which my quality of life changed incredibly. I began to feel again and manage my own life accordingly. Yes, it wasn’t easy, I had to get divorced and start all over again, but it paid off and I’m finally happy. Semi-precious stone eggs help women extract unprocessed emotions and feelings and keep us on the path of our souls. Even with their help, we can feel beautiful and feminine. Their use strengthens the pelvic floor and thus significantly improves the quality of lovemaking. I highly recommend it to everyone and I am very satisfied with your business approach to a customer. With gratitude, Jarka

  20. Radka

    I ordered a crystal egg and it is beautiful ♥. I immediately cleaned, charged it in the sun tried it. I have it for a short time, but I feel amazing about it. Thank you.

  21. Joanna

    I chose tiger’s eye stone. It’s beautiful. I have only been working with it for a short time, but I believe that it will help me strengthen my loose pelvic muscles. I can’t feel it inside, but it’s still a pleasant feeling. Maybe because how the stone works energetically. I use the string that I bought with it. Otherwise, I highly recommend the shop, pleasent fast communication, egg beautifully packed.

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