Pelvic floor: The center of the body

Pelvic floor: The center of the body

Yoni eggs held in hands with earth
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The pelvic floor is an essential and forgotten subject. Do you know where is the center of your body, and what are the symptoms of the weakened pelvic muscles?

Pelvic floor

Are the muscles of the deep stabilization system and are located at the base of the pelvis. The pelvic floor includes the uterus, ovaries, bladder, and colon. The whole weight is dependent on the pelvic floor, which supports and holds these organs in the right place. Especially for women, the pelvic floor has a significant impact on overall health and body condition. In pregnancy, these muscles hold the weight of a baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid. No wonder there is a lot of complications associated with childbirth and overall pregnancy. The flaccid of the pelvic floor is the cause of many problems that do not seem to have a solution at first sight or are diagnosed with a different source.

Pelvic flaccidity and its symptoms:

are back pain, menstrual incontinence, poor posture, poor abdominal function (digestion – intestines), inability to conceive, difficulty or dissatisfaction with sex, reduced blood flow from the feet, a problem with deeper and regular breathing.

The old Taoist tradition says that a healthy and strong yoni amplifies the flow of life energy in the body.

YONI egg

The egg is an excellent aid to cultivating sexual energy, keeping sexual organs healthy, and improving your love life. Its origins are to be found in ancient China, where much attention has been put to the connection between love, health, and longevity. The relationship between the correct pelvic muscle tone and pleasure intensity is well known and scientifically documented.

Not only will the yoni egg effectively strengthen these muscles, but it will also help women connect with their emotional selves. Exercising regularly with the egg will significantly enhance the love-life of both partners and improve the intimacy of the lovers. However, the goal of the exercise is not only to learn how to squeeze the egg inside the yoni but to learn to recognize where the egg is and then to manipulate it with your muscles. The focus on the targeted movement of the object (the yoni egg) in the yoni is the main difference from regular pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Practice makes perfect

For this purpose, we have prepared for you Yoni semi-precious gemstone eggs, which are available online in our shop. A stone shaped into a medium-sized egg with an eyelet for a string. The egg is made of real semi-precious stone. Stone treats not only the body but also the spirit if you believe in it. You can play with imagining egg absorbing negative energy. You can also put your intention in the stone, so-called programming it. All you have to do is hold the egg in your hand and visualize your wishes/intentions.

The essential exercise is deep breathing combined with trying to pull the egg and then relaxing.
Feel the inner pubic lips as they open and close during exercise.
When inhaling, try to suck the egg into the yoni by pulling its muscles and slacken the muscles while exhaling. Let the egg slowly sink to the vaginal entrance – to the small lips. You will feel how they close when you inhale and open when you exhale.
You will need some time to recognize these feelings and contractions safely. If you are unable to fully recognize and feel the physical feelings of an exercise, at least imagine it. In your feelings, you will surely know later, but you need some time and practical experience.

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