Give a smile! (Gift box)


Are you looking for a unique present? Our hand-printed gift box is the perfect choice that is full of nature! It is an original way to express your feelings and make your beloved ones happy.

The boxes are hand-printed using three stamps. If you want just one or two stamps to be used, please mention it in your order.

There are various options for the gift box content.
The stamp text:

1) I love your smile, I love you.

2A) Women are the roots, men are the tree. The tree can grow high only if it has strong roots.

Pearl. S.Buck

2B) May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our soul from within.

3) Ramadan option -only one huge and beautiful Ramadan Kareem stamp

Give a smile box

give smile

Make your beloved ones happy with our hand-printed gift box full of nature: an original birthday present or special occasion gift, when you want to express your love unconventionally.

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2x rawtoothbrush & 2x toothbrush cases, 3x rawtoothbrush & 1x toothbrush case, 5 pieces of RAWTOOTHBRUSH, A gift box (empty)






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