How does rawtoothbrush work?
Dental hygiene

How does rawtoothbrush work?

It creates


antibacterial and hygienic





19 active substances, minerals and vitamins

The intense tastes of food and beverages creates an irritating environment. Thus, plaques colonies form very quickly on the teeth. They produce aggressive substances which harm enamel and gums.

Plaque on teeth never stops renewing; that is why it is essential to clean your teeth regularly and thoroughly. From remaining plaque, tartar is created and gives space for tooth carries to form.

Microorganisms decalcify enamel and produce tooth carries. Our teeth are a living part of the body. For their strength and vitality, they need elements such as CALCIUM, VITAMIN C, FLUORIDE and POTASSIUM.

Long-term imbalance affects the whole body. The acid that Streptococcus mutans produces is getting into gums and the human circulatory system, which is why it threatens all our organs.

Salvadora persica contains 19 active substances that have a beneficial effect on the oral health. The most important ones are:

🌿Fluoride –  rawtoothbrush contains fluoride naturally in a balanced amount.It remineralizes tooth structure.

🌿Calcium + Vitamin C – Calcium is essential for tooth health. Salvadora overflows with calcium, and, through its combination with vitamin C, it can be absorbed directly into the teeth.

🌿 Chloride 🌿 sodium bicarbonate 🌿 potassium– minerals enhancing enamel tooth.

🌿Resins – forms a protective layer on the enamel of the tooth, thus preventing it from caries.

🌿Silicon – It slightly abrasive. Naturally brightens teeth. Removes residual plaque, cigarette, or coffee stains. Teeth are beautifully polished and distinctly brighter*

🌿Tannins – stimulate the production of saliva that naturally protects the enamel tooth.

🌿Essential oils 🌿 Alkaloids – kills bacteria.

The antibiotic properties of the root gets rid of all the microscopic enemies. It cures inflammation, kills gingival bacteria, bad breath, and starting tooth cavity. As evidence, instead of promises, is his horseradish scent. They also act against herpes. If you have a sore throat, you can even make tea from the root.

Neutralizes pH – balances the acidic environment that creates plaque (bacteria), thereby preventing enamel damage and caries.

rawtoothbrush works like a charm, look in this gif where it is showcased

Scientifically proven

The benefits of rawtoothbrush bristles and essential oil composition can be explored in these studies. We are pleased that its healing power is backed up by experts. We believe that soon we will carry out our research with our farm fresh quality brush and thus record its 100% potential.

The Miracle Twig – 2017 (English)

A review on Salvadora persica and its effect on various aspects of oral health – 2013 (English)

RAWTOOTHBRUSH was created by combining a handle of plant-based plastic with the roots of Salvadora persica. It will help you to clean all teeth surfaces perfectly at the recommended 45-degree angel.


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